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Adversity & Diversity

I've never been one to be 'placed in a box' and told I can only do one thing. The arts have always been a part of my life from acting, directing, producing, writing - all in multiple genres and mediums. So now I love to share my experiences as a speaker and advocate for diverse causes and the creative arts.  

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Recent News

In pre-production on a short film MOTHER that I am directing and have written. Thanks to the NJ Film School for making me believe I could do it. 

Such an exciting project working through all of the elements of assembling an amazingLove my cast and crew! Read about it here.

After years of sharing my views on Broadway and off-Broadway shows, happy to announce I'm now a staff writer for the newly launched site BwayVoice! Check them out! 
Mission Main St Grant

Please vote to help ASD Media & Entertainment get a small business grant! Publishing my books for three years and now producing my first film!