The children's book Irving the Theater Nut! tells the story of a squirrel who wants nothing more than to join the children rehearsing inside the theater and be a part of that theater world. Many theater kids "theater geeks" may feel they are different because of that love they have for the arts, but I hope that this picture book with amazing illustrations by Morgan Swofford will show kids of all ages that being a lover of the arts is nothing to be ashamed of. It also has hidden messages of teamwork, encouragement, and collaboration.

I've always been a theater nut so you might say that Irving is a part of me. I can't wait for the world to meet this little fellow and learn that there is nothing wrong with chasing a matter how old you are or different you may feel.

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In 2014, I started a new job as the theater manager of the historic Town Hall Theater in Irvington, NY. That same week I met what would become the inspiration for my next children's book; a squirrel that had gotten into the theater. The squirrel was quickly removed from the theater, but I went home that night and wrote an outline about a squirrel that loved theater. That outline was put away and forgotten until this year after traveling to schools during Autism Awareness Month discussing my other two books and children would ask me what my next book would be.

I started my career in children's theater writing my first stage musicals when I was only 14 and then touring in children's theater as an adult...including three years as a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. It is so awesome to finally write a book for children about the love of theater!  As someone who has been in the entertainment industry for over twenty five years, theater is truly my life: watching it, writing for it, being in it....I love it!  

"This is a great book and it tells children (and young squirrels!) that you can fulfill your dreams if you aim high! I loved the drawings and the story. If you like theatre, singing and squirrels this is a perfect book for you!" -- 8 year old Iain Armitage (Iain Loves Theatre)

"This book is great for kids who want to pursue the arts or want to pursue something that may seem unattainable. Many of us on Broadway started out thinking we could never do it or being told we could never do it. Therefore, it's always inspiring to read about an underdog (undersquirrel?) who gets the chance to prove he can do it and brings down the house. Because if Irving the squirrel can, we all can!" -- Seth Rudetsky, SiriusXM Radio Broadway Host

"Parents, Gregory G. Allen's Irving the Theater Nut! is the book you'll be reading to your children at bedtime for the foreseeable future. Who doesn't love a story in which a child is nice to an animal and have that animal return the favor? For years, we've heard that Gus the Theatre Cat 'acted with Irving.' We assumed he meant Henry Irving, the great 19th century actor, but now we have to wonder if he meant Irving the Squirrel, who gets his start as a performer in this endearing book." -- Peter Filichia, author of Let's Put on a Musical

"Gregory G. Allen's charming story beautifully illustrates the magic of live theater and the transformative power of following our dreams! I am nuts for Irving the Theater Nut!" -- Beth Baur, Co-founder New Jersey School of Dramatic Arts & 2016 Excellence in Theatre Education Honorable Mention

​"For anyone with a dream that seems a bit out of reach, Gregory G. Allen's Irving The Theater Nut! will be an inspiration and charming encouragement for young and old alike." -- Arthur Wooten, author of Wise Bear William: A New Beginning

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